We are a private group of volunteers who focus on promoting accessible public play. We are currently participating in Wizards of the Coast's D&D Adventurers League program.

We schedule and promote D&D events every week in cooperation with many local businesses.

We work to maintain a friendly, inclusive, and fun-filled atmosphere for players of all types and ages. Our volunteers donate their own time and materials to help make our program awesome! 

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Davena & Jared
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Guardians of the Gameday has been organizing D&D public play events since 2010!

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Basic Rules 
 Player's Guide • Quick-start guide
Log sheets • Character sheets

Harpers • Zhentarim • The Lord's Alliance
Emerald Enclave • Order of the Gauntlet

Guardian GMs in action!

DMs Wanted!
Are you a new player and interested in learning how to DM? Are you a previous-edition DM and thinking about getting behind the DM screen again? Guardians of the Gameday mentors new DMs and is happy to help learning and returning DMs! 

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Guardian Games
345 SE Taylor St, Portland, Oregon

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