Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next event?
    Dates vary. Check the Adventurers League Meetup, or our G+ or Facebook page for scheduled events.

Can I make my own character?
    Yes! Check out the Adventurers League Player's Guide for information and rules on building your own character.

What are your rules to play? 
    We suggest you check out our Code of Conduct.

What does it cost to play?
    Some stores charge a fee, it depends on the event and the location but we will always clarify in the event description.  

How can I become a volunteer DM?
    Contact one of our coordinators. We are willing to mentor inexperienced DMs. Important traits in an Encounters DM include the ability to teach others, patience, and adaptability. 

What edition of D&D are you using?
    D&D 5th Edition.  The basic rules are free and available online. If you're new or returning to D&D, start here.

Why aren't you using 2e/3.x/4e/Pathfinder/misc!? 
    Because our materials are supplied by Wizards of the Coast and their program exists primarily to support and introduce new players to their current selling products. We love all versions of D&D and similar RPGs, but that's not currently our focus.  

Where can I find a group/GM/player for a 2e/3.x/4e/Pathfinder/misc game?
    Try Portland Gamers Meetup! We don't mind if you prefer another edition, but Adventurers League is 5th Edition only. Guardian Games is sacred ground to players of all games and we heartily hope you find a group to play with and wish you good gaming!