Code of Conduct

A Guardian GM is an ambassador for Dungeons & Dragons.  

We are part of a wonderful hobby that is social, supportive, and fun!

Teach and learn.  Guardians of the Gameday volunteers and players should strive to help each other improve their skills, knowledge, and experience. Teaching a new player to play and providing other players with a positive experience are the most valuable things any person can provide to our community. 

Be respectful. Guardians of the Gameday volunteers and players are expected to conduct themselves in a way to ensure a comfortable environment for everyone regardless of age, gender, appearance, or ability.  Games cease to be fun when players are disrespectful of others.  Generally disruptive behavior will be asked to stop or else leave.  Bullying, lewd, discriminatory, abusive, or unsafe behaviors will not be tolerated. 

Be neat, clean, and presentable. Maintain personal hygiene and wear appropriate clothing. Offenders will be asked to address the problem before being allowed to return.  Respect our host store and clean up all messes and remove all litter when done playing.  

Be honest and fair. Participants should strive to act honestly. Breaking the rules, cheating, or lying to achieve victory decreases the fun for everyone. Offenders will be asked to correct their behavior. Repeat offenders may be banned. Theft or destruction of any property is also not tolerated and will result in being banned and reported to the store employees and local authorities.  

Guardians of the Gameday reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the program and may, at our sole discretion, prohibit you from future events should you violate any portion of the Guardians of the Gameday Code of Conduct.