About Us

Roll a Knowledge (History) check...

It's pretty normal these days for local D&D players to get together with their friends on a facebook group or join an list to stay in the loop about people and places looking for the opportunity to roll dice. Groups like Club TPK form groups of DMs to help stores connect with DMs for their public tabletop events. Other groups form up around colleges or small but close-knit towns and communities. At first glance Guardians of the Gameday seems like one of these groups, but we're also set apart by our unique outlook and dedication to our mission statement.

Guardians of the Gameday did start out as one of those email mailing list groups. In 2010 Bryan Blumklotz needed a way to keep in touch with as many DMs as he could recruit to help his local game store host the newly form D&D Encounters program. He used Google Groups and, since it needed an account name, he named it after his host store, Guardian Games. Bryan retired from organizing, handing the program off to Davena Oaks.

Bryan cared deeply about his volunteers and he passed that onto Davena. Bryan valued and respected those that volunteered for him and expected them to return the favor. DMs that quit without warning, no-showed sessions, broke the rules, stole from the host store, were rude or aggressive to players, or just plain didn't show basic personal hygiene skills were quietly pruned off the list. With these lessons in mind, Davena began forming an idea about what she wanted Guardians of the Gameday to become. 

During the coarse of D&D Encounters, whenever Davena and her husband Jared talked to tabletop gamers - especially women, LGBT, and the parents of younger children who were interested in sharing their hobby with their kids - she learned they wanted to particpate but they often felt unwelcome, unsafe, or uncomfortable due to the actions of store owners, organizers, or the other players. Dungeons & Dragons, but really all tabletop RPGS, was a 'big boys only' club and if you didn't fit in, you didn't have a way to play.  So many potential players lost access to this wonderful, educational, and socially enriching hobby. 

Together, Jared and Davena decided they would only mentor and advocate for DMs that they knew to be kind, helpful, and inclusive of all types of players. So a Code of Conduct was drafted and with it Guardians of the Gameday became a group with a mission. 

 With the advent of the D&D 5th Edition Adventurers League program, the need for quality, well-organized DMs increased and Guardians of the Gameday began to grow.  As D&D has become less stigmatized, diversity in the player base continues to increase, albeit slowly. As of 2016, only two members of GotG are women, but a few are LGBT, and a some younger gamers are learning the art of DMing from GotG's mentoring program.

Now, as Guardians of the Gameday continues to grow, its mission is firmly in place. To play in public, to welcome players of all types, and to create a safe and welcoming environment so that anyone, regardless of their age, appearance, or ability, can find the chance to experience the wonderful hobby of tabletop RPGs. 

"I love running games for kids. Special needs kids can be a blast, because they have a purity to their play adults often forget." 

    - DM Tony

"I love teaching new players, they are genuinely excited and just want to have fun playing." 

     - DM Jared

"As as organized play DM, I get to meet hundreds of players a year." 

- DM JoDee